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From a seasoned alumni

For some reason, I can't believe I'm joining this...Most of you don't know me; my name is Danielle and my weapon of choice is the flute. I went to the camp for three years in my heyday. Now I'm going to be a sophomore at Fredonia studying Music (suprise!) and also Sociology, but nobody cares.

Anyways, for some band camp memories that some of you may remember, feast your eyeses on my laughable band camp webpages from like 2 or 3 years ago.

Band Camp 2000

Ben's Band Camp 2000 site; haha Ben was awesome.

Band Camp 2001

Band Camp 2002

If anyone has questions on auditions, the Music Ed or Music Applied curriculums, or even just dorm life in general, I'm full of stories and I'm a comment whore.

Hope my sites gave you a good laugh....hum.
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hahahahaha oh buddy
TEXT! man i wish you had gone back last year..it was so depressing and nostalgic so thats part of why i didnt bother going back this past year
"dont eat the cherry pits..youll get like, kidney stones or something.."

wow so many memories...
thanks for reminding me D ;)
I was going to, but then I heard there were going to be different counselors, and I knew it wouldn't be the same without Ben, Annie or Brandon. I needed to save money for books too, and only a few people I knew were going back.

In another year or so, I'm going to see if I can become a counselor myself! I just have to find out who to ask and get the details and stuff. :D

hehehe awesome
i doubt ill ever be goin back but that should be a great time =)
Why do most of the girls I know play flute? Just a question