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haisup. i'm jessie and i attended Fredonia Band Camp 2003. I play flute and picc.

..since 2003, I graduated from Bellport High School on Long Island and I'm now a freshman at American University. I'm still playing the flute in pep band and I'm taking private lessons with Jonathan Baumgarten, and I'm in the AU Pep Band.

The band camp experience rawked my socks so much. I still talk to some kids from camp (hai Brittany!) and that was the first time I realized that Long Island makes the best pizza. And we attacked Schneids with water balloons at Lake Erie (sooo awesome!)

By the way, if any of you kids live anywhere near Fredonia/go to Fredonia, check out the AU Chamber Singers. I know they're holding some masterclass type thingie/concert this weekend. :)

Hope to speak to some of you kids soon! ~Jessie
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