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I feel so left out over my whole marching band dilemma. My district is realy retarded though and completly fucked up our band anyway. They are just deciding now that there will be no band camp (or Marching Band Bootcamp as I like to call it). They are just now getting a new band director, one who has no marching experiance, Mr. Manth (for those of you who don't know he is my school's jazz instructor and he conducts the lower band). Oh and here's the kicker : the district doesn't want us to compete. Apparently we are an embarassment to the district because we don't have alot of members. I might change my mind about quitting (because I will have no time for homework because of mb and other commitments) but it doesn't even sound like we're going to have a marching band anymore. Apparently it's becoming a pep band against our will. Gotta love our board of ed right?
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